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All you need to about Adelaide as a city – A guide for International Students

This blogpost will help you get an insight about Adelaide as a city in Australia and why should you consider it as your Study Abroad destination. We at Navigators Overseas aim to bring you with the most updated information and help you keep up with the facts. Let’s begin, Adelaide was a planned city from the very beginning of its existence and it was named after the wife of King George IV, known as the cosmopolitan Coastal Capital of South Australia and food and Wine capital of Australia, it houses a quite a large number of restaurants as compared to other cities. Adelaide is a thriving, labeled as most happiest, most contented and the liveliest city with a vigorous environment and an all time enjoyable atmosphere in the South Australia which is somewhat similar to that of India, making it easier for the international students to adjust to the climate. You will never get bored in a city like Adelaide, as it offers a huge number of recreational activities or sightseeing.

Adelaide is ranked at 41st position by the QS Best Student Cities in the world. It produces a good percentage of brilliant minds every year.

The city is filled with a very appealing nature that one cannot resist; having a great and huge number of orchards which makes the life fruity in a certain way. One can have and witness the most memorable and productive experience from the study sources and experience it all together, parks evoking nature, experiencing mountain adventure, spending evenings by the beach, attending international sporting events and the most eminent and pleasant art festivals.

It is known to be the most affordable city and it has been recently named as the fifth most livable city in the world, certainly it is true. One of the major reasons for this is the cheap rental accommodations available to its residents.

In the city of Adelaide, you will get to witness the most pleasant climate throughout the year; you will get to experience a not too cold not too hot climate. The serene beaches are at less than thirty minutes drive around the city. So, you can enjoy and will find many people relaxing on the beaches during weekends and holidays.

Adelaide is much cheaper comparative to other Australian cities. In a study it is found that it is 21% high expense to live in Melbourne and 23% high expense to live in Sydney than Adelaide. Adelaide is approximately 4% inexpensive when compared with Brisbane and Perth.

The city has the most efficient way to commute and easily accessible by the public. A public transport road map has been announced by the state government, for the safe travel of South Australians by buses, trains and trams.  

Adelaide is one of the most affordable cities with best commodities available and with a peaceful and fulfilling environment. It will give you a calming environment.

During this pandemic of COVID -19, where the effect has been globally adverse and every country has been affected. Like all other, Adelaide is trying to do best to put an end to this. Adelaide too has taken immediate actions to keep its people safe.

Study in Adelaide | A guide for International Students

A number of measures have been taken by putting the hygiene and safety as topmost priority the Adelaide Metro introduced measures to make sure and keep travelers safe on public transport, More frequent cleaning of buses, trams and trains;

  • The cash handling has been terminated by shifting to a new method by adapting to a “MetroCard Only” system;
  • The installation of Perspex screens has been speeded up for the bus drivers and access to open areas immediately around the drivers is absolutely prohibited and have been put restrictions on. 
  • About the lurch arrival of trains at Adelaide Railway Station to spread the heights of people entering and leaving the terminal;
  • There is Installation of signage’s on the fleet of trains, trams and buses that sends clear messages not to board if unwell or have any symptoms; the city is also making sure and encouraging physical distancing as far as practicable at stops and stations, and onboard services;
  • There are station announcements about COVID-19 safe practices on public transport are being announced persistently to keep people aware; and
  • The Signage’s are put in place at various key stations and interchanges and also inside vehicles with information published by health authorities about good personal hygiene habits.

No doubt, Adelaide is one of the most affordable cities with best commodities available and with a peaceful and fulfilling environment making it the perfect place to study abroad. A place where you can have all your requirements matched and fulfilled just in the perfect ratio to life. Be, rest assured that you will be safe in this region.

Some factors making Adelaide a perfect place for International Students

Adelaide is one of the leading education city and provides world class education which is acknowledged by leaders in the industry, it has entrenched institutions across all the high areas of education, including universities that rank in the top 2% globally this means you will get an education that has been ranked as the best. More than 38,000 students from across the globe choose to study in Adelaide in Australia.

Adelaide education provides with a qualification which is recognized internationally and because of having a weightage of world class education, the qualification is valued anywhere you go.

Adelaide is an absolute host to global leaders and industry giants like Microsoft, PwC and BHP. Adelaide being such a compact city provides the big window of opportunities to evolve precious career outcomes by engaging at first hand with business, especially for the international students to get internships/placements which will help them in providing international exposure.

One can never find a city which is as affordable as Adelaide which is quite evident as the rent, food and the public transport costs are quite low and one can surely embrace the beauty of the city with some extra money left in the pocket. To explain this in a better way, below is the sample of a single student budget plan:

  • Grocery: AUD$60 per week
  • Shared Utility Bill: AUD$30 per week
  • Shared Rent – City :AUD$185 per week
  • Public Transport: AUD$15 per week
  • Phone and internet: AUD$25 per week
  • Entertainment: AUD$80 per week

Obviously the rental price will vary depending on the type of lifestyle you choose.

By the grace of South Australian Government students in Adelaide receive prominent concessions and discount on public transport meaning that you save on expenses and this makes international student’s travel cost effective and way more efficient.

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Institutions in Adelaide

Adelaide is home to some renowned and best-known universities like, these are mentioned below:

  1. University of Adelaide
  2. University of South Australia
  3. Flinders University
  4. Australian Catholic University
  5. International Institute of Business and Information Technology: Federation University
  6. TAFE South Australia
  7. Torrens University
  8. Carnegie Mellon University Australia
  9. Le Cordon Bleu
  10. Kaplan Business School
  11. International College of Hotel Management

All these universities mentioned above are known for their excellence education and provide a wide array of courses for students to choose from. The courses are ranging from diplomas to undergraduate and postgraduate degree, PHD’s and doctoral programs. The most popular courses according to research are Computer Science/Information Technology/Cyber Security, Environmental Science, Engineering, Education, Creative Arts, Hospitality/Tourism and Design, Business and Management. The universities also provide scholarships/bursaries to eligible students which help them to cut on costs.

Talking about one of these best institutions in Adelaide is IIBIT also known as the International Institute of Business and Information Technology offers vocational courses and it also is associated with Federation University with which it offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Business, Information Technology and Medical field. No doubt, it is an institute of exceptional excellence.

Institute of Business and Information Technology is an educational institute that focuses on vocational training and education. Along with different courses are offered at the institute of Business and Information Technology ranging from certification to advanced level diploma majorly in business and IT related courses for example Business Management, Marketing, Accounting, Information Technology, Public Health etc.

Their Masters course in Master of Business Administration in Health Services Management is one of the best options available for students wanting to make a career in the healthcare field. A very few universities in Australia offer such a program and undoubtedly this program holds great scope. Trust us; you don’t want to miss out on this Health Services Management Program.

Institutions in Adelaide | Why Study Adelaide

Some other major programs offered by IIBIT are as mentioned below:

Diploma of Leadership and Management 

  • This course comes with duration of approx. 16 months
  • And costs AUS$8400 for one semester
  • Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management 
  • This course comes with duration of approx. 16 months
  • And costs AUS$12600 for one semester
  • Advanced Diploma of Marketing & Communication
  • This course comes with duration of approx. 16 months
  • And costs AUS$14700 for one semester
  • Diploma of Software Development
  • This course comes with duration of approx. 16 months
  • And costs AUS$12600 for one semester

Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Technology

  • This course comes with duration of approx. 16 months
  • And costs AUS$16800 for one semester
  •  Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • This course comes with duration of approx. 16 months
  • And costs AUS$8400 for one semester

Diploma of Accounting

  • This course comes with duration of approx. 16 months
  • And costs AUS$8400 for one semester

 Advanced Diploma of Accounting

  • This course comes with duration of approx. 16 months
  • And costs AUS$8400 for one semester

Provide First Aid

It is a pre-course component prior to 1-day face to face training. This course covers skill and knowledge and the required training needed to provide the first aid to any casualty. 

It also has an Academy of English which focuses on IELTS Preparation and academics giving a chance to students who don’t meet the direct entry requirements to get admission through this pathway. To have a crystal clear outlook on how everything will work out one can visit us. We are Education Consultants in Chandigarh offering best Immigration Services for Australia.

Institute of Business and Information Technology has class programs oriented classrooms, high standard lecture delivery, because of the modern technology classrooms and IT labs. The institution believes more in personal attention towards the student, for which the class sizes are smaller as compared to other institutes. Along with an outstanding learning environment, all staff is very well qualified, supportive and offers a quality teaching and healthy learning atmosphere. Institute of Business and Information Technology also offers all the accommodation facility to its students. It also offers some other facilities like orientation program, English language support, counseling, IT helpdesk, student lounge for enjoying the break time, recreation facilities, quiet room, and first aid. The library is open 24X7 and is capable of supporting a large number of its international students, which I believe is very useful international students to get themselves adjusted in the Australian education environment. Institute of Business and Information Technology commits to excellent outcomes in education and certifies that every student is given the best possible opportunity to grasp a well-versed practical learning experience resulting for the students to outstretch their potential to the fullest in their chosen field of Endeavour and reach their aspirations.

Australia International Students | Study in Adelaide

With no application fee for its courses this institution becomes more prominent for the students matching all the requirements for any international student as well as a domestic student can desire. Also because of the affordable and easy pulling requirements it is much easier to have a study visa in this city for this institution and if you trust Navigators Overseas, you’re decision will never go in vain.

Scholarships offered for international students: Institute of Business and Information Technology is at the moment offering scholarships to its international students making studying in Australia more affordable and viable; it is 25% for onshore students and 16% for offshore students. The scholarship is for the full duration of course.

So, international students can definitely choose Adelaide for all possible requirements in all the fields and can be considered as an overall most promising living environment that one can expect with high standards of living.

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