Mr. Rajeshwar Goel

Mr. Rajeshwar Goel(Director ) of the Navigator oversea with the Background of the Bachelor of Engineering from IIT Roorkee. IIT Roorkee is one of the topmost colleges in the Engineering institution of India, which has made the top rungs of the success ladder in the empirical span. Mr.Rajeshwar Goel’s mantras for success is “Take the first step and rest will follow”. Working with the zeal Mr.Rajeshwar Goel visualizes his goals and make the best out of it. He believes in teamwork and aims at providing the best career for the student. He believes that unity works everywhere and aims that Navigator oversea will provide perfect career counseling to his students and aim at achieving their goals. The primary goal of their consultancy to seek the student’s area of the interset and helps them guiding the correct path. 90% of our clients are satisfied with the immigration procedures of countries like Canada, Australia,Europe, and many others. We are seeking forward in the accomplishment of student goals who are connected to the Navigator Overseas. He believes in maintaining the success records of their achievement by giving the success rate of 100%. We deal with every client like family and make assure his success.It’s teamwork achievement not only the client’s achievement.

Managing Director

Mrs. Veena Goel

Mrs. Veena Goel (Managing Director) is a woman of words. Having a background of Masters in Commerce and Personnel Management, it appears as though all her educational and career choices have naturally led to her current position as one of the Directors of Navigators. She herself steps into each and every stage of student visa and guides it accordingly. She advises students on all possible opportunities or hardships that they might face from her personal experiences. She is the official representative in India for various reputed colleges and universities in the U.K. and Australia. A passionate orator with zeal for excellence, she personally conducts seminars across the country. She believes that the reason for the continuous growth of Navigator’s business is primarily due to the success achieved by the students and their unshakeable trust in our quality services. In addition to admission and immigration counseling, she wants her office to play a major role in helping clients to have a well-rounded and interesting experience beyond the academic work. She also believes in updating herself from time to time and as a result of all her fruitful efforts, she is an AAERI Member as well as cleared the various courses to be a Certified Agent for UK Education.

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