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Latvia- Officially known as The Republic of Latvia, is a beautiful country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. It is linked with the borders of Estonia to the north side, Lithuania towards the south, Russia is in the east and Belarus is at southeast of Latvia, as well as on the west side it’s sharing a maritime border with Sweden. There are 1,957,200 inhabitants in Latvia and 64,589 KM (24,938 Sq Miles) is the total territory. The country has a very nice and temperate seasonal climate.

Education system in Latvia

Riga Technical University and University of Latvia are two major universities in the country, both established on the basis of Riga Poly technical Institute and located in Riga. State University of Latvia, and Latvia University of Agriculture are two more significant universities, (established in 1939 on the basis of the Faculty of Agriculture) and Riga Stradiņš University (established in 1950 on the basis of the Faculty of Medicine) – both nowadays cover a variety of different fields. Daugavpils University is another significant center of education. Latvia closed 131 schools between 2006 and 2010, which is a 12.9% decline, and in the same period enrollment in educational institutions has fallen by over 54,000 people, a 10.3% decline.

The Latvian policy of science and technology set out the long term goal – transition from labor-consuming economy to knowledge-based economy. By 2020 the government aims at a 1.5% GDP funding for research and development, with half of the investments coming from the private sector. Latvia develop their scientific potential on the basis of the existing scientific traditions, particularly in organic chemistry, medical chemistry, genetic engineering, physics, materials science and information technologies. The highest number of inventions, which are patented both nationwide and abroad, are made in the branch of medical chemistry.

Why study in Latvia?

Latvian Education System (LES & Latvia Schengen Country Study) has a focus and offers broad curriculum and global perspective to strengthen the students with the relevant education and skill development.
There are lots of opportunities, such as cross-cultural exposure and personal development, if you are choosing Latvia as your education destination. In Europe, Latvia is always a wonderful choice, if you are looking for Study Abroad due to:
English teaching method for Bachelor / Master/ Doctorate level Programs.
Government approved Universities and Prestigious Globally Recognized Degrees.
Internship Abroad and Exchange Semester options.
Tuition Fee structures are very attractive, On-Campus accommodation provided and moderate living costs is just (400 $/month).
There are leisure activities and numerous opportunities for sports.
Latvia is rich in different cultures, education traditions. and multi-ethnic country.
All Latvian Higher Education Institutions are the members of International Co-operations within the different fields of Study.
Researchers and Teaching Staff is being offered by Latvia from various countries for studies and research work.
Professional Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees and being taught in English.
Tuition fees and living costs are lower than other Western Countries.
Latvian Universities are famous for producing high quality IT and Engineering Graduates every year.
EU membership consider degree from Latvia is equivalent to other European Countries, that makes it easier to get recognition.
You can enjoy all the benefits of living in a European country with lower costs than many westernized European Countries.

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