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The toughest part while drafting a piece of writing is not the writing itself but giving a start to it. At the very beginning, the writer decides the direction of it. Our motive is to provide a genuine structure of the Statement of Purpose so as to enable the readers to write an impressive SOP. Following is the in-depth discussion and a complete guide on putting down a Statement of Purpose.

What is a Statement of Purpose?

A Statement of Purpose (SOP), also known as a research statement or objective statement, or Statement of Intent, is a written statement directed towards the accreditation panel of the university or college abroad where the student wishes to continue his higher studies. It discusses the student’s academic background, future career plan, interests, professional contributions, goals, and motivation behind selecting the particular university as well as his preferred program. This is usually delivered in the form of an essay; however, some universities may also keep it question-based. This is considered the most important part of a student’s application to foreign institutes and determines one’s admission to one’s favourite institution.

Why is the Statement of Purpose Important?

An SOP indeed plays a very significant role in the admission process as it illustrates the information about the applicant’s background as well as future prospects. It contains data that help the admission committee to consider an application by evaluating the authenticity of the application received as SOP paints the entire picture about the study and career goals of the candidate. A well-drafted SOP ensures the acceptability of the application by the university.

What’s there in the perfect SOP?

Presenting an SOP in front of the admission counsel is an arduous task and one must make efforts to draft a perfect SOP so as to shun the chances of refusal. A perfect SOP must highlight the following elements:

  • Personal Background
  • Financial Background
  • Academic Details
  • Professional Experience (full/part-time, voluntary)
  • Immediate and Long-term Goals
  • Reasons why you wish to study at this particular institution
  • Reasons for being interested in the chosen field
  • About extra-curricular activities
  • Published works, if any
  • Papers submitted if any
  • Interests, hobbies
Ideal Format of an SOP- Navigators Overseas

Ideal Format of an SOP:

While drafting a perfect SOP, the following format must be considered to avoid any errors:

  • The Statement of Purpose must be in essay form and must follow the general rules associated with the writing of the essay.
  • Bullets or numbering could be used but their usage must be kept to the minimum.
  • Unless otherwise stated, a general-purpose statement is two pages long, using a 12-point font limit, and is divided into two standard margins. Therefore, depending on the font type, a typical SOP can be 800 to 1000 words.
  • No coloured text or pictures should be used anywhere. The text should be completely black (not even grey).
  • Ideally, a Statement of Intent should contain 5-7 sections of approximately 150 to 250 words each.
Do’s Don’ts
Start Early. A perfect SOP required devoted time.Do not make it lengthy. Keep it up to the point.
Follow the structure required by the institution.Do not leave any scope for plagiarism.
Must be clear and easy to understand.Avoid repetition of the ideas.
Add correct and genuine information.Avoid unnecessary information.
Use an active voice and a positive tone.Do not make grammatical errors.
Use formal language.Do not use special fonts, coloured paper or slang.

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