Study Abroad provides students with various course options and much expertise-based training. One of the ultimate reasons to study abroad is to the achievement of life experience.

In this blog, we are discussing in the topic “Study Abroad: Tips and Advice. You’ll learn how to shape your life and abbreviate it.

Study Abroad develops a better understanding of their personalities and professional values.  Handle sudden situations, and be independent and self-sufficient. When you’re thousands of miles away from your family and from your home. Studying abroad will get you associates from various countries and outlooks, which will unquestionably enlarge and improve your opportunities for career connections and success. Moreover, you will get a chance to experience another culture that’s completely different from your own. This inspirational experience will help you see things from a different perspective.

The career benefits of studying abroad are

  • Chance to Learn a New Language
  • Job Pleasure
  • Enhancement Resume
  • Helps in building Networking
  • Trains for International Careers

Teachings of moving abroad for study

  • Will know how to live out of Your Comfort zone
  • Opportunity to develop New Skills
  • Will Increase Diverse Points of Outlook
  • Will Let Enthusiasm for Substantial Things
  • Will Make New Friends and Connections
  • Will acquire More about Yourself
Study Abroad Tips & Advice for International Students by Navigators Overseas

Tips for Studying Abroad

1. Start Every Day With an Open Mind: – Every day make a promise to keep an open mind about what you see and practise during your time abroad. 

2. Plan to study abroad as early as possible: – Planning ahead is crucial because there are a lot of details you will need to take care of before you study abroad. I recommend that you start planning at least six months in advance of when you plan to leave so you have time to get everything done.

3. Start Saving as early as possible: – Studying abroad can be expensive, so once you have decided when and where you are going. It’s a good idea to start saving up.

4. Research Financial aid: – Check on universities or institutes websites for grants or scholarships available for international students and the procedure for same to apply.

5. Contemplate enchanting a Lighter than Normal Course Load or course of interest:- Always take a normal course of study or course of interest relevant to your previous education or experience.

6. Prepare for living in a foreign country: – Research the history and political background of the country you are planning to study in so that you can be more familiar with the culture there. From a cultural outlook, all countries are diverse and differ from India. The situation is important in understanding a country and its people. Knowing and being able to speak the local language will benefit you a lot while studying, looking for part-time jobs and travelling.

7. Learn the local language: – It’s better if you start trying to learn countries local language of your country but if you aren’t it’s fine. Most study abroad programs offer language classes from the beginner’s level up so you can take classes and learn once you get there. Staying with a local family in a homestay is another great way to learn the language and experience local culture.

8. On arrival register yourself at the earliest: –There are different rules for different countries. The first and one of the most important things you are supposed to do on arrival is to register yourself with the internal affairs ministry or the local municipality. This is to be done within 24 to 48 hours. Registration helps students legalise to stay in that country and later might help in getting temporary residency.

9. Accommodation for stay: – Before arriving in the country planning to study, make sure you have decided on what accommodation you want to stay in. You can contact the International Office at your university for the accommodation facilities and the representatives will guide you with it. It’s better if you book or register your accommodation from your home country in advance.

10. Buying that country’s local sim for International calling: – Students might wonder whether their current phone will work in a foreign country. However, you will have to change your sim card and buy a new one. Once that is done, you can activate an international pack for calling to India and that too at very affordable rates. Although a lot of calls are done through the internet nowadays either through Skype, Whatsapp, or Zoom still students prefer traditional calls for emergency purposes.

Best Sutdy Abroad Consultants in Chandigarh - Navigators Overseas

Why Navigators Overseas is the best study-abroad Consultant in Chandigarh?

Navigators Overseas Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the pioneers among all other consultancies in Chandigarh, offering services in overseas education with our 27 years of experience in providing assistance. The aim of the company is to help people dreaming of pursuing higher education in other countries. Our skilled counsellors provide genuine and hassle-free study visas. They provide counselling to aspiring students who are quite experienced and regularly attend training programs on how to guide students toward their dream destinations. Our free-of-cost counselling sessions help students to know about the right country as per their details right course and university or institute for them and also the procedure to apply for a student visa for the same.

Hundreds of satisfied students now have well-settled careers or businesses and are here to guide and help to fulfil student dreams come true. We believe in navigating your future toward the right path. The company you can trust and believe in transparency.

Tips by Navigators Overseas

  • As soon as students visit our office fill Application Form(free of cost)
  • Check student details and ask his desire to be interested in which country then check the eligibility criteria
  • If meeting the admission or eligibility criteria then counsel accordingly.
  • Counsel each and every detail
  • Study visa application and processing for Undergraduate, Diploma, Master’s, Doctorate, and all types of courses in the country of your choice.
  • Provide students with a checklist of required documents, fees, and funds required.
  • Given the details how much are the fees and funds required
  • Expert advice on living, travel, and accommodation.
  • Once students submit documents or send through mail educational documents along with English proficiency and other required documents and agree to proceed further.
  • Applied for offer letter and once received
  • Checked with the funds available and out of that tuition fees is submitted.
  • Identifying loan or scholarship opportunities.
  • Once LOR received from the college/university
  • The visa filling process starts.
  • Monitoring in filling up application forms and other documents, i.e., guiding the clients as to where to get them translated.
  • E-visa services.
  • Preparation for Visa interview(if required as per country)
  • After getting visa
  • Pre-departure briefing and support post-arrival.
  • Help students in doing travel insurance, booking tickets and booking accommodation


We hold the student’s hand from the first step and on every step. Help students with post-arrival services too. Advise students by Navigators Overseas, that always start production a little earlier and take counselling at the earliest minimum 6 months or 1 year before and take further steps as per the guidance and arrange funds accordingly then proceed further.

There are so many consultants but proceed with the BEST one. Always check the old student, reviews or check with references.

If you are also planning to study abroad then contact the best study abroad consultant in Chandigarh. Our experts will help you with all your concerns and will direct you in the right direction. For More Detail Call Now/WhatsApp: – +91 98090 90908.

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