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Study in Canada & its Benefits: Canada being a North American country is not only known for its high peaks, ice hockey and a neighbor of USA but also as a developed country where high quality education is guaranteed.
There have been a mutual exchange of students and faculty of universities and colleges which serves the cause of higher education of Indian and Canada. Canadian Universities consider India as the leading market to tap UG students.

Advantages or Benefits of Studying in Canada:

Affordability: The programs offered by the colleges and universities in Canada are of a relatively less cost as compared to that of Western developed countries. The education cost may vary from program to program, however for general courses; the tuition fee is less than other major countries. Therefore, paying the fee doesn’t become a burden on the students.
Quality Education: The quality of education provided in Canada is one of the major factors in attracting foreign students. Canada’s high academic standards and rigorous quality controls reflect the high-quality education provided which helps in successful future and benefits one’s career in the long term.

Campus Lifestyle: It’s not just about all work and no play. All the Universities and college campuses are not only equipped with sophisticated technology but also offer modern amenities for students to enjoy. From providing countless sport facilities to concert halls and art galleries, it offers students enormous possibilities of learning and leisure.

Recognition: A degree, diploma or certificate obtained from Canada is globally recognized as being equivalent to those obtained from the United Sates or commonwealth countries. Students who complete their studies in Canada and prefer to work in their home country get a lot of good opportunities with good salary packages.

Long Term Advantage: There are major long term benefits to studying in Canada as one would get points for permanent residency in Canada if they have graduated from a Canadian University.

Reasonable Cost of Living: Cost of living and studying in Canada at all levels right from schooling to University is lower than that of the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. On comparing the standard of living and high quality education facilities provided in Canada with other developed countries, we realize that students get all the benefits at a lower cost.

Possibility of Immigration: Another major attraction for Indian students of studying in Canada is the possibility of Immigration. After studies, people with Canadian credentials and Canadian work experience can apply for a Permanent Residency without leaving Canada.

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