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If you have completed your senior year of high school or your graduation, you can now study in the UK, your intended destination country, without having to take the IELTS exam. The only requirement is that you must pass your medium of instruction. Yes, you read that correctly: several of the top universities in UK now accept deserving candidates right away into their undergraduate and graduate programs. Some of the best worldwide-ranking universities are among them too.

These are only the names of some top world-class UK universities, as the list is quite long. So if you also want to get admission to these kinds of top UK universities without IELTS. Your prayers have been answered.

Want to know more about MOI?

Basically, MOI stands for “medium of instruction” and refers to the certificate provided by colleges to determine your language proficiency i.e. English.

United Kingdom

The 19th century’s preeminent industrial and marine force, Great Britain also made significant contributions to the advancement of science and literature as well as a parliamentary democracy. One-fourth of the surface of the globe was covered by the British Empire at its height. Due to its positive reputation around the world, high standards of service provided to overseas students, and ideal living and educational environments, the UK has emerged as a significant global centre for education.

Two World Wars significantly weakened the UK’s power in the first half of the 20th century. The fall of the Empire and the UK’s rebirth as a contemporary, thriving member of Europe were observed in the second half. As one of the UN Security Council’s five permanent members and a founding member.

Navigators Overseas - Why Study in UK?
Navigators Overseas – Why Study in UK?

Why Study in UK?

UK colleges and universities are known for providing top-notch education on a global scale. Education institutions in the UNITED KINGDOM are able to make sure that they satisfy the highest possible international standards by adhering to a procedure of routine evaluation. People from over 140 different nationalities live and study in the UK, making it one of the most multicultural societies in the world. We choose the most appropriate programmers and institutions based on our clients’ backgrounds, interests, and aspirations. Because the education system is governed by the government, high standards can be expected regardless of the institution our clients choose to attend.

Financial planning is crucial before applying for admission to the preferred course in order to have a clear understanding of the funds required to study there.

Technical and theoretical education in Britain is presently regarded as one of the greatest and most innovative in the world. By significantly raising worker skill levels and boosting productivity, it has had a significant impact on the UK’s economic performance.

The UK has a reputation for embracing new technology more quickly than most other nations, and it enters the new millennium with one of the highest rates of Internet use and research facilities that are world-class in terms of state-of-the-art labs and classrooms, exceptional libraries, and cutting-edge technology.


In order to get a British students visa, an application needs to:

Students applying must have a consistent education and employment background, good health, and good character which means that the applicant should not have any criminal convictions.


You will be subject to a number of conditions while applying for a student visa, such as whether you can change your visa’s issuer or extend it. When in the UK, it is imperative that you abide by all visa requirements; otherwise, our knowledgeable counselors may provide you with specific information about the requirements.

You could take advantage of a number of promotions through our fee-delivered offerings (VAS) desk in an effort to make your trip to the UK a pleasant and lovely experience. We are committed to providing our clients with the top “one-stop-shop” options for travel to the UK which is best in studies.

All you need to do is discuss your wishes with your customer relations representative, and we’ll take care of it.

Why Navigators Overseas?

We are the pioneers among all other consultancies in Chandigarh, with our 26 years of experience in providing legitimate & Hassel-free study visas to aspiring students and hundreds of satisfied students with now well-settled careers or businesses, are here to guide you and help you and to fulfill your dream come true. So if you want to study in top UK universities without IELTS. We are here at your service.  

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We believe in navigating your future toward the right path. The company you can trust and believe in transparency.

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