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Study Abroad has been made easier and as we all know there are a lot of advantages if one goes abroad and study. For that we have to fulfill certain criteria, fulfill certain conditions.  But, ever thought of a country which provides education without conditions? It seems like dream; how can things be so easy and relaxed? You better pinch yourself… it’s not a dream. Or if it’s a dream… it’s like a dream coming true!

Sweden is one such country which has moved forward from being just a tourist paradise to student paradise. The country apart from its impeccable architecture and Scandinavian culture and heritage provides some of the world’s best and safest education infrastructure.

There is everything impressive with these Nordic countries, they are safe and sound, culturally rich and the aroma of beautiful Northern Europe that beckons everyone around the world for every possible reason.

Scandinavia is more than just Vikings playground and has surely emerged as an education powerhouse. Before taking up Sweden’s education credentials, let’s dissect what makes Sweden a powerhouse.

  • 8th in the world on per capita income scale (source: Wikipedia)
  • 14th in the world in terms of Human Development Index (source: Wikipedia)
  • Low income inequality (0.26 GINI index)
  • One of the richest countries in the world.
  • Mild populationwith high quality lifestyle.
  • Unlike some of eastern European countries, English is not a problem.
  • High regard for nature and environment, safety and cleanliness.

Coming on to their education prowess, Sweden is accelerating at a fast pace. The education system of Study in Swedenis far better and sophisticated in comparison to other countries and the above mentioned points not only but justifies the reason.

  • One of the best Education systems in the world.
  • There are no restrictions of working hours. Student can even start his own business during studies. He will get the work place FREE for the first 6 months and University will help in developing the business.
  • IELTS/GRE/Interview not mandatory. Thus, visa procedure is also very simple and uncomplicated.
  • Availability of Work Permit. It is the only country which gives work permit (like H1 of USA) without even completing the programme and even with odd job.
  • If the work permit is more than 1 year the student gets all the social benefits like FREE Health and FREE education for himself and his entire family.

The more reasons given; the inclination towards Sweden increases. For Sweden, its people are very important. Quality of life and growth in life walks hand in hand; and in Sweden it is safe to say it flies.

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