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Australia is the 6th largest country in the world and the smallest continent in the world. Being a wealthy and developed country, it generates its income from various sources including mining-related exports, telecommunications, banking and manufacturing. In terms of average wealth, Australia ranked second in the world after Switzerland in 2013. Australia is the World’s twelfth largest economy and has the Sixth Highest per capita GDP (nominal) at US$56,291. The country was ranked second in the United Nations 2016 Human Development IndexAustralia was the only advanced economy not to experience a recession due to the Global Financial Downturn in 2008–2009. Almost 1.9% of Australian population according to 2016 comprises of Indians. 5 out of 30 best cities in the World are in Australia. The major population is concentrated in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Some other popular cities where students like to take education are Gold Coast, New Castle, Canberra (Capital City of Australia), Sunshine Coast, and Wollongong. The current population is around 24 million which is much less than Canada and other developed nations

Studying in a country with such a great human development index has so much to offer to its inhabitants and overseas students. One can imbibe the working style which can assure a successful career. In fact, students who aim to gain international exposure through their studies become quite versatile in Study in Australia as they are empowered with practical skills and theoretical knowledge, topped with hands on experience. They get to participate in recreational activities, workshops and events organized by the Colleges and Universities, that they are already polished to enter the corporate world.

Degrees obtained from Australian universities are recognized all over the world. The country has a wide variety of courses to offer ranging from Certificate courses to Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, Graduate and Masters Degrees and Research work. Added to this, good number of colleges, universities and institutions provide the same course, so you will have plenty to choose from keeping your interests and tuition fee in consideration. Most of the students are able to find a course especially tailor made for them. Scholarship Options are also available for outstanding students and if you are lucky enough, you might just get a tuition-fee waiver or application waiver depending upon factors like seat availability and intake.

There are 35 Australian universities now ranked among the world’s best in the 2016-2017 editions of the QS World University Rankings® – two more than in last year’s edition. Six of these are in the top 100, while a further nine are in the top 300. All colleges and Universities have a comprehensive learning environment where student support services are unique and are regularly updated with relevant practices. In Institutes and during foundation courses, the Class sizes are small which means that students are taught with a focused individual attention. The resources available at the colleges and universities are plenty like libraries, online access to websites and portals etc. If you stay inside the university campus, most of the resources will be at walking distance.

Highly monitored standards of education exist in Australia with the help of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). This is done by the Australian Government’sDepartment of Industry, with oversight from the States and Territories, through the Standing Council of Tertiary Education Skills and Employment and is administered nationally. While the AQF specifies the standards, education and training organizations are authorized by accrediting authorities to issue a qualification. It is a strategy that guarantees there is a uniform and perceived movement for examination.

If you are a nature lover, you would enjoy a unique and diverse landscape. Australia is an island with most of its population living around its coastline. The coastline has many beaches and reefs that are popular with surfers and divers such as the Great Barrier Reef, Bondi Beach and Surfers Paradise. The centre of Australia is mostly desert with very little water. The famous Ayres Rock or Uluru is found here and is a popular tourist attraction. The Australian Alps are on the south-east side of Australia. The highest mountain, Mount Kosciusko is a great place to go during the summer for hiking and skiing during the winter months. In the North of Australia, you can find rainforests and warmer weather as it is close to the tropics. The Daintree Rainforest is famous for its beauty and hiking trails. That is why Australia is a popular destination for travelers as well as it is high on the list for international students.

Weather similar to your home country is icing on the cake. The summer months in Australia are from December to February and the Autumn months are during March till May. Winter is from June to August with Spring in Australia from September till November. So the students and visitors get to enjoy all kinds of seasons. Queensland and the Northern Territory are located closer to the tropics and generally have warmer and humid weather all year round. New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, South Australia and Perth all experience the four seasons during the year. In Tasmania, the weather is colder than the rest of Australia because it is closer to Antarctica.

Earn while you learn – Australian Government provides the opportunity to its international students to work for 20 hours per week. This can be utilized in various ways. You can enter a job which is related to your area of study and gain experience. By the time you complete your course, you will have applied everything you have learnt in your classes. During Vacations you can work full time also and save money to visit the beautiful landscapes and make contacts. Sydney Opera House and Great Barrier Reef should top the visit list.

Post Study Work- Australian Government understands that how important it is to not only study in an international environment but also take experience in some good company. This is where Post Study work comes into place. As soon as you complete your studies, you should apply for a Post Study work permit of Australia.

Australia offers an impressive life style that many international students aspire to achieve which includes state of the art facilities in modern buildings providing a great infrastructure.

Australia is high-spirited country with multicultural environment and also has safe and friendly ambience in which student can learn and travel freely. There are plenty of adventurous sports you can enjoy. Australians love outdoor activities on weekends, so if you are a sport, you will enjoy your stay here even more. If you are more of an indoor person, you can explore some of the best museums, art galleries and also visit opera houses.

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