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COVID- 19 has been taken by the storm in India and globally. Like all other sectors the education sector of studying abroad has also been immensely affected. The COVID-19 undoubtedly has had a very major impact globally. Students who have applied or waiting to apply is feeling very uncertain, some are waiting for their admission whilst the other is waiting for their Visa decision. Some have dropped the plan due to financial crunch; others already holding a Visa are waiting for the flights to take off and praying for situations to get better.

All of this is leading to great confusion having no clarity especially in the education world to be more precise the international study sector. In these tough times with all the negative things happening and all the bad news there is some positive news for students holding their aspirations high for studying abroad? Certainly yes, let’s just not ponder over about what can go wrong but take time and figure out of what we will make right when all this will end, so Navigators Overseas one of the best immigration consultants in Chandigarh and Punjab have decided to share some of good news related to study Visa is mentioned herewith:

  • In Order to help the students with their studying abroad aspiration the universities abroad are offering huge scholarships in support of international students. This will help in low tuition cost and will encourage student’s who earlier could not pursue their dream of study abroad due to high fees can also pursue their dream of study abroad.
  • Various Top B Schools have waived off GMAT which was earlier mandatory to gain admission. Now, the student’s who don’t have GMAT can now apply to the University and course of their Choice.
  • As due to the pandemic student’s can’t show up physically for IELTS exam due to lockdown, to back numerous different alternatives are set up like IELTS Duolingo, TOEFL Home Edition, IELTS Indicator, where the student can appear for these exams from the comfort of their home. The institutes are even offering conditional offer letters where the English proficiency scores can be submitted when the situation is in control.
  • A large number of institutions have reduced their fees and waived off the application fees to promote and support students in this time of financial crises, making studying abroad affordable.
  • Universities are now adapting online/web based learning both for current and its future students irrespective of the country they are in. Like in Canada, if the student holds Visa but could not travel due to the pandemic and is still in his home country, the student can do 50% of the course from home country and this will have no effect on PGWP.
  • Country response to international students:

Canada recently announced that international students facing financial crises to apply for Canada Emergency Student Benefit. This scheme will help the student’s get 1,250$ from May to August.

Australia, New South Wales also announced 20m$ housing fund for international students.

Germany also announced grants worth 100 million Euros worth of grants/loans in order to support the student in need.

France has also earmarked 10 million Euros for students in need irrespective of domestic and international student’s category. The governments of various other countries are helping international students to cope up in these tough times. A number of other international countries and states are coming up with helping international students.

  • Countries have given relaxation in working hours for the international student’s working for essential needs like healthcare, medical stores, grocery stores etc.
  • Universities and colleges are providing dedicated support especially to international students.
  • Student’s who’s Visa are due between 1st April 2020 to 9th July 2020 have been given an extension till 25th September 2020.

At the end it will all get better, let’s just keep on hoping and dreaming and keep our aspirations high. To get more accurate information contact Navigators Overseas Solutions Pvt Ltd for latest updates of Canada Study Visa and Australia study Visa. We also help students with career abroad counseling and schooling Visa counseling. Navigators overseas are one of the best immigration consultants in Chandigarh, having branches in Punjab in Amritsar and Gurdaspur and also in Pathankot. Feel free to get in touch for all you study abroad queries and contact our team for you queries at +91-9809090908

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