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Best Finland Study VISA Consultants In Chandigarh

Finland Study VISA Consultants In Chandigarh

Finland is located in the far North of Europe, between its neighbors Sweden and Russia. The main language is Finnish; Swedish is also an official language thanks to a Swedish minority, a result of 600 years as part of the Swedish Empire. Helsinki, the capital, is by far the largest city in Finland.

Finland is a small, human-scaled nation with villages and cities built for people, not just automobiles. Rush hours are not common.

Our higher education institutions are sufficiently manageable and efficient in size. You can select from a variety of quite distinct learning environments, from major urban campuses to campuses that are near nature, and they are all internationally oriented with unique regional features.

Over 400 English-speaking degree programs are offered nationwide by higher education institutions, which have a worldwide outlook. The institutions, which are largely supported by the state, provide excellent instruction that is open to everyone. Campuses combine high-tech amenities with beautiful natural surroundings for the enjoyment of all students.


Finland is renowned for having long, chilly winters and brief summers. Because it’s so close to the polar circle, it never truly gets dark in the summer; in contrast, the sky is not particularly bright in the winter. Finland traditionally celebrates the summer, which occurs in mid-June, when the number of hours of sunlight reaches its annual maximum.

What is a University of Applied Sciences?

Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences are two different types of institutions of higher learning in Finland. Universities of Applied Sciences are more practice-oriented with the aim of preparing students for professional work life while traditional universities are more research-driven, extending to their teaching method.

How to apply?

Start your application for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program at www.studyinfo.fi. Use the search tool at www.studyinfo.fi to look for information on eligibility and admission requirements, as well as the precise application period, which is degree program specific. Moreover, we Navigators Best Study Consultants having almost 26 years of experience are there to help you.

What are Finland’s top Applied Science Universities?

So here is the list of Universities:-

What are Tuition Fees?

Students from outside the EU/EEA must pay tuition for English-taught bachelor’s and master’s programs in Finland. For talented students admitted to degree programs with tuition, the universities often provide scholarship possibilities. Although each university has its own tuition and financial aid policies, the yearly costs range from 5.000 to 18.000 Euros. Direct access to the universities will give you detailed scholarship information.

Documents required for the application process.

Universities of Applied Sciences will require:

  • Official translations of all documents.
  • Copies of completed or soon-to-be completed qualifications documents
  • Original diplomas and original official translations
  • Employment certificates
  • Applications for special arrangements for entrance examinations

What distinguishes Finland’s Universities from its Universities of Applied Sciences?

The main difference is that Universities of Applied Sciences focus on offering instruction and carrying out research that has connections to the world of professional employment. The main variations are:

Study programs at UAS sometimes incorporate hands-on training or internships.

UAS is also concerned about local growth. Outside of major urban centers, many colleges and universities are found in smaller towns or areas.

At least for undergraduate degree programs, the admission standards are typically a little less strict. A UAS typically requires at least three years of relevant work experience for admission to master’s programs.

Are there certain criteria for admission to UAS in Finland?

Yes. First of all, the academic requirements for admission to institutions of applied sciences are typically a little more flexible than those for research universities. When comparing the English requirements at Finnish institutions, for instance, Finnish UAS often asks for an IELTS score of 6.0 while research universities want a score of 6.5 or higher.

Master’s programs at research universities are often open to all applicants with a bachelor’s degree, which is an essential differentiator for these degrees. But in addition to a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s Programs at Applied Science Universities typically call for three years of relevant job experience.

Observe the deadlines for university application

There is no set admissions period for the Master’s program at Finland’s universities and UAS; instead, applications are accepted between early December and mid to late January. Additionally, UAS may extend the dates of their admission into March.

Since there is no pattern, you should visit the study program’s website to find a more precise application calendar. Remember to consider the fact that some Master’s degrees have additional applications outside of the primary time.

To apply, you must have the required English language skills.

A certified English language certificate is required to enroll in studies in Finland. You must pass one of the well-known international English tests in order to obtain one. You can study independently or enroll in an English language preparation course; these programs are provided by numerous educational institutions around the world.

You can improve your language proficiency and achieve the required scores for the IELTS, TOEFL, PTE Academic, C1 Advanced, or other English examinations by enrolling in the appropriate English exam preparation course.

Does Finland provide Finland residency permits?

You need a residency permit if you plan to stay in Finland for more than three months. Icelandic, Liechtensteinese, Norwegian, and Swiss nationals do not require a resident visa to enter Finland.

  • If you have a job, a place to study, or a family member who lives in Finland, you can apply for a residence visa there. Before traveling to Finland, submit an application for a residency permit.
  • One of the requirements for obtaining a Schengen visa, as per EU visa regulations, is that the applicant must depart the Schengen region before the visa expires. Due to this, a person who arrived in Finland in order to apply for a residence permit or to await the outcome of a pending residence permit-related matter cannot be given a visa. The family members of Finnish citizens are likewise covered by this.

If you are requesting one of the following, you may be granted a D visa for Finland: a specialist’s residency permit

  • a specialist’s residency permit
  • EU Blue Card
  • an internal transfer of an ICT specialist and a residence permit for a startup entrepreneur
  • a visa for residency for a relative of a person applying for one of the aforementioned permits.

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