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PTE Coaching In Chandigarh

Are you looking to prove your English proficiency for studying abroad, working overseas, or securing a visa? Achieving your desired PTE (Pearson Test of English) score is crucial, and Navigators Overseas is your ultimate destination for top-notch PTE coaching in Chandigarh.


If you’ve made the decision to take the PTE Academic, one of the most well-known English language proficiency exams, you must begin your preparation as soon as possible and in earnest. However, if you are unsure about your learning resources and media, let us assist you in making a choice. Navigators Overseas are the Best IELTS Institute.

It takes time and effort to prepare for the PTE. You can pursue your learning of English online whether it is your first language or a second one for you, and doing so will help you maximize your growth while saving time and money.

There is no limit by Pearson as to how many times a candidate can give the PTE Exam 2022. Candidates can take the exam with a gap of 5 days. So, candidates can take the PTE Academic exam as many times as they want.

Rescoring the PTE exam?

Candidates may ask for a rescore if they are dissatisfied with their PTE Score. However, as the PTE Academic is a computer-scored exam, the likelihood of a mistake is extremely low. Only verbal responses and written comments with open-ended responses are rescored. Candidates are prohibited from obtaining a rescore if they have already scheduled another test or delivered their score to an institution. Candidates can only request a rescore for their most recent PTE Academic Test. In the event that the score changes, the new score will take the place of the old score, and a new report with the updated score will be sent.

PTE Speaking and Writing Section Topics

For the Speaking and Writing Section candidates would have a total of 54 – 67 minutes and the section would include the following question types.

  • Personal Introduction
  • Read Aloud
  • Repeat Sentence
  • Describe Image
  • Re-tell Lecture
  • Answer Short Question
  • Summarize Written Text
  • Essay

Topics for PTE’s Reading Section

Candidates will have a total of 29 to 30 minutes to finish the reading component of the exam. The following subjects would be covered by the questions in the PTE Reading portion.

  • Reading and Writing: Complete the Gaps
  • Multiple Options, Multiple Solutions
  • Move paragraphs around
  • Multiple Choice, Single Answer Fill in the Blanks

Topics for PTE’s Listening Section

Candidates will be given a total of 30 to 43 minutes to finish the Listening Section. The following types of questions would appear in the PTE Listening section.

  • Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers to Summarize Spoken Text
  • Complete the Blanks
  • Highlight Accurate Synopsis
  • Multiple Options, Single Response
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