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Best Netherlands Study VISA Consultants in Chandigarh

Netherlands Study VISA Consultants in Chandigarh

A small nation called the Netherlands is located in Western Europe between Belgium and Germany. The Netherlands is constantly battered by the North Sea, which is to their north and west. The Netherlands is smaller than West Virginia but bigger than the state of Maryland.

Why study in the Netherlands?

1. Affordable tuition fees

If you’re an EU or EEA citizen, the tuition at public universities in the Netherlands is relatively reasonable. Most educational programs cost less than 2,100 EUR per academic year, and you won’t typically pay more than that.

For students from outside the EU/EEA, who pay anywhere between 6,000 and 20,000 EUR annually, the situation is slightly different. When contrasted with the annual tuition costs in the USA, which exceed 50,000 EUR, that is still significantly cheaper.

2. No language barriers

Almost all Dutch people can speak English. You won’t experience any difficulties due to language problems when you wish to ask for directions, visit a well-known tourist spot on your own, or purchase something from a store.

Because of the popularity of the English language, it is also quite simple to socialise, connect with others, participate in cultural and social activities, or just make new friends and go out.

  1. After graduation, employment options

Work flexibility here refers to two things: first, the ability to work in a variety of industries after graduation while still receiving excellent pay and benefits; second, the fact that the Netherlands is one of the top nations where a 4-days work week is a frequent option across all economic sectors.

  1. A heaven for cycling lovers

Government figures show that there are more bicycles in the Netherlands than there are actual citizens (around 17 million). There are cycle lanes literally everywhere, and many students and workers use them every day to travel.

It represents a fantastic approach to improving one’s well-being and health while lowering air pollution.


  1. The Netherlands is secure and enjoyable

One of the safest and happiest nations in the world is the Netherlands. When we consider the high level of living, the educated population, and society as a whole, this is not at all surprising.

How is university life in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands encourages its students to be physically active. Professors avoid too formal interactions and are highly personable. Additionally, the Netherlands boasts a sizable community of international students who are welcoming to other immigrants. Dutch students are kind and make great party companions.

Additionally, you can always ride a bike to school because the distances are minimal and there is usually some sort of cultural event taking place.

What courses are offered in the Netherlands?

International students find studying in the Netherlands to be quite enticing due to the abundance of English-taught programs and native English-speaking instructors. Furthermore, no other nation can compete with the Netherlands in Water Resource Management programs. You probably already know that engineering and technology-related studies are some of the most sought-after possibilities in this nation. You can study the following important subjects in the Netherlands:

  • Degrees in natural sciences in the Netherlands
  • Degrees in computer science in the Netherlands
  • Netherlands engineering degrees
  • Degrees in social science in the Netherlands
  • Degrees in business in the Netherlands

Which universities in the Netherlands should you attend?

The Netherlands is a fascinating country to study in with more than 10 universities listed in the top 500 international higher education rankings. Dutch universities draw students with a relaxed attitude toward learning and elite degrees taught in English. Here are a few foreign universities we suggest if you are seeking a Dutch university but are unsure where to start:

  • Radboud University
  • Tilburg University
  • University of Twente
  • University of Utrecht
  • College of Amsterdam

Tuition fees in the Netherlands

You should prepare to spend about 2,000 Euros a year on your education if you are a student from the European Union.

The tuition costs for students from outside the EU vary by institution and by program. Master’s programs in Holland normally cost between 8,000 and 20,000 Euros per year, whereas bachelor’s programs often cost between 6,000 and 15,000.

Jobs available to graduates

One assumption about Dutch people is that they are born traders. The Netherlands has traditionally been a significant country for international trade due to its coastal heritage. This is where the idea of a joint stock company originated.

Many international groups have their European headquarters in the Netherlands, including some of the biggest corporations in the world. Combined with the nation’s global outlook, you find a workforce that is particularly hospitable to foreign workers and very skilled in English. For foreign students, those are perfect circumstances. A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from a Dutch university will increase your chances of landing a job and relocating for an extended period of time.

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