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Study in Singapore

Singapore is a country which is small in terms of geography but is actually an economic giant. It is considered as the most modern country in the whole south Asian region. The past decade Singapore has come up as a leader in the field of trade and tourism, just said it self is an example for most of the developing countries because of efficient management

As for the study conducted bye I am D that is international Institute of management and development, Singapore with a total population of less than twenty million has managed to ranked as number one for attracting top talents from around the world to study economies.


Education System

The education system of Singapore is a combination of Asian schooling and western practices. This has made it an educational hub in the entire Asia region. Some of the renowned international institutes such as MIT and the University of Chicago have made Singapore as a prime location for building their satellite campuses for attracting international students. Student pursuing their studies from Singapore avail the benefit of higher degree of flexibility, this is in terms of study more as well as for selecting content.

There are more than six thousand big companies worldwide Have made Singapore as their base location. This helps students to get internship facility under a well-known brand and also can build their career with the same company after completing their education. There is no second thought on the fact that Singapore has been one of the Most competitive countries providing numerous business opportunities.



If we talk about the climate, then Singapore has a very warm climate which is humid throughout the year. Temperature never goes below 68F even after sunset and goes up to approximately 86F during the day time. In the last few years it is observed temperature goes up to maximum 91F.

The rains here are observed in the month of November &December and the best time to visit Singapore is somewhere around July and August. Singapore is one of the best places for people who love beaches and for people who restrict from cold climate.

As per the recent survey the population of Singapore is recorded approximately 5 million, out of this thirty six percent is foreign population. Every regional group have their own set of festivals, so colors of different festivals are seen around the year. Even though the festivals belong to some specific community but is enjoyed by everyone.

Officially the four predominantly spoken languages in Singapore are English, Tamil, Mandarin and Malay. Although English is the most commonly used language but some of the people also use Singlish, which is a mixture of English with other regional language for communication. For migrating to Singapore it is very crucial that one must look for the best immigration consultant in Chandigarh and Delhi. Cost of living is extremely affordable in Singapore and on top of that the salaries offered are pretty good. In addition, one also gets benefits like bonuses, allowance and so on. Navigators Overseas help students in getting the study visa.