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Preeti Malik

Mrs. Preeti Malik

Public Relation Officer

Mrs. Preeti Malik, our esteemed Public Relations Officer at Navigators Overseas Pvt Ltd, is a refreshing addition to our team, infusing fresh perspectives, enthusiasm, and a wealth of innovative ideas into our company’s forward progress. With her unwavering eagerness to learn and a commitment to excellence, Preeti has quickly become a valuable asset to our organization.

In her role as a Public Relations Officer, Preeti Malik undertakes a diverse range of responsibilities with professionalism and finesse. Her primary duties include fostering and maintaining positive relationships with clients, educational institutions, and stakeholders. 

Preeti also plays a crucial role in managing our company’s reputation and image. She strategizes and executes public relations campaigns, manages media relations, and oversees communication efforts to ensure that our message is conveyed accurately and positively to our target audience.

Her innovative approach to PR, coupled with her dedication to our company’s mission, has helped us strengthen our brand and expand our reach. we are confident that her professionalism and commitment will continue to contribute to our company’s growth and success

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