Mrs. Ritu Wadhawan

Mrs. Ritu Wadhawan is an indispensable cornerstone of Navigators Overseas Pvt Ltd, serving as our esteemed Immigration Officer. With her unwavering dedication and exemplary work ethic, she plays a pivotal role in our organization, acting as a unifying force among our staff.  In her role as an Immigration Officer, Ritu Wadhawan demonstrates a level of […]

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Mrs. Sarabpreet Kaur

Mrs. Sarabpreet Kaur, an essential pillar of Navigators Overseas Pvt Ltd, serves as an exceptional Student Advisor and has been an integral part of our team for nearly a decade. With a professional degree in M.COM, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our organization, embodying the spirit of dedication and commitment that […]

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Mrs. Preeti Malik

Mrs. Preeti Malik, our esteemed Public Relations Officer at Navigators Overseas Pvt Ltd, is a refreshing addition to our team, infusing fresh perspectives, enthusiasm, and a wealth of innovative ideas into our company’s forward progress. With her unwavering eagerness to learn and a commitment to excellence, Preeti has quickly become a valuable asset to our […]

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Mr. Ishan Goel

Mr. Ishan Goel, a dynamic entrepreneur and Director of Navigators Overseas, has distinguished himself as a young leader. After doing their bachelor’s, he has chosen to channel his skills and expertise towards making a meaningful impact in the Educational industry. Mr. Goel firmly believes in the transformative power of education and the notion that “One […]

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Mr. Rajeshwar Goel

Mr. Rajeshwar Goel (Director) of the Navigator Overseas with the Background of a Bachelor of Engineering from IIT Roorkee. IIT Roorkee is one of the topmost colleges in the Engineering institution of India, which has made the top rungs of the success ladder in the empirical span. Mr.Rajeshwar Goel’s mantra for success is “Take the first step […]

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Mrs. Veena Goel

Mrs. Veena Goel (Managing Director) is a woman of words. Having a background Master in Commerce and Personnel Management, it appears as though all her educational and career choices have naturally led to her current position as one of the Directors of Navigators. She herself steps into each and every stage of a student visa and guides […]

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