Australia is a popular destination for international students, thanks to its world-class universities, welcoming culture, and breathtaking natural beauty. However, even in this exciting new environment, students often grapple with homesickness. This feeling is natural when you’re far from your home, your family, and everything that’s familiar. Homesickness can manifest as a longing for home comforts, missing your loved ones, or even feeling out of place in your new surroundings. It’s a common challenge many international students face, and fortunately, there are many strategies to effectively manage and overcome this feeling. This article will guide you through practical ways to deal with homesickness and make the most of your Australian study experience. Let’s get started! 

Australia and Homesickness 🌏🏠

What is it Like to Be Homesick? 🏠💔

Being homesick is a complex emotional experience that goes beyond simply missing home. It’s a mixture of different feelings such as longing, nostalgia, and a sense of loss, often accompanied by stress and anxiety. It’s like carrying a little part of home in your heart and feeling its absence in your daily life.

You might find yourself missing your family and friends, craving home-cooked meals, or even longing for familiar sights and sounds. Unexpected things like a song, a smell, or a phrase could trigger memories of home, intensifying these feelings.

Moreover, homesickness can make you feel out of place in your new environment. Simple things that you took for granted at home might seem different and daunting. Despite being surrounded by new friends and experiences, you will be dealing with loneliness.

However, it’s crucial to remember that homesickness is a normal part of adjusting to a new environment. It’s not a sign of weakness, but rather, a testament to the strong bonds and affection you have for your home. 

How to get rid of homesickness?

Give Yourself Time ⏰🌻

  • Be patient with yourself: Moving to a new country is a significant change, and it’s normal to take time to adjust. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Just like that, adjusting to a new place takes time. Be gentle with yourself and acknowledge your feelings of homesickness.
  • Create quiet moments: Dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to a peaceful and solitary environment. It could be a quiet room or corner. Lower the lights, breathe, and simply relax. These moments of tranquility can help to center your thoughts and emotions.
  • Disconnect from technology: Regular breaks from digital distractions can make you feel more at peace. Turn off your devices and spend some time being present at the moment.
  • Explore Australia’s natural beauty: Take advantage of Australia’s stunning landscapes, be it beaches or mountains. The connection with nature can be a refreshing break to your mental health while studying abroad and help you appreciate your surroundings more.
  • Read or write: Carry a book or journal during your quiet time or when you’re out exploring. Reading can take you to different worlds, while writing can help you express and manage your feelings better.
  • Remind yourself: It’s crucial to remind yourself why you chose to study in Australia. Reflecting on your goals and dreams can help you overcome temporary feelings of homesickness.

By following these tips, with time and patience, you’ll find yourself gradually adjusting to your new life in Australia. Remember, it’s a journey, not a race! 🌻🏃‍♂️

Follow a Routine 🕒

Adopting a routine can be a great comfort when navigating through a new environment. It gives structure to your days, provides a sense of familiarity, and helps you manage feelings of homesickness. Here are a few tips:

  • Mirror your home routine: Try to establish a routine in Australia that echoes your life back home. This could involve maintaining similar study hours, mealtimes, exercise, and leisure activities.
  • Stay active and productive: Keep yourself busy to minimize the amount of time spent feeling lonely or homesick. Whether you’re used to starting your day with:
  • a brisk walk and 
  • a cup of coffee or 
  • ending it with a relaxing yoga session, 

try to find ways to continue these routines in Australia.

  • Incorporate enjoyable activities: Mix things up by adding activities you love to your daily routine. 
  • Invite friends over, 
  • Cook your favorite meal from home, 
  • Watch a movie, 
  • hit the gym, and 
  • Read a book. 

These activities not only keep you active but also make your routine more enjoyable.

  • Don’t suppress your emotions: While staying occupied is beneficial, it’s equally important to acknowledge and process your feelings. It’s normal to feel homesick for international students in Australia or even in any other new place. Give yourself permission to feel these emotions, but remember to get back on track with your routine afterward.

By following a consistent routine filled with familiar and enjoyable activities, you’ll find yourself feeling more at home in your new environment.

Explore Local Cultures and Find Your Area of Interest 🎉

Exploring the local culture is a fun and engaging way to feel more at home in Australia. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Join Clubs or Societies: Universities in Australia host a range of clubs and societies catering to different interests. By joining these groups, you can meet like-minded people, create friendships, and embrace the Aussie spirit of mateship.
  • Embrace the Aussie Cuisine: The food is an integral part of any culture, and Australia has some unique culinary delights. Why not try a Vegemite sandwich, indulge in a pavlova, or take part in a quintessential Australian BBQ? Trying out local dishes can be a delicious way to feel more at home!
  • Learn the Local Lingo: Every place has its own unique language quirks and Australia is no different. Familiarizing yourself with Aussie slang can make conversations with locals more fun and make the culture feel less foreign.
  • Celebrate Australian Customs and Traditions: Participate in local festivals, holidays, and cultural activities. Understanding and experiencing these traditions first-hand can enhance your appreciation of Australian culture and help you feel more connected to your new home.
  • Discover Your Interests: Find out what sparks your interest in this new culture. It could be the local music scene, art exhibitions, sporting events, or outdoor adventures. Pursuing these interests can make your Australian experience more enriching and enjoyable.

Go ahead, dive into the Australian way of life, and find your place in this multicultural society! 

Keep in Contact with Home Sweet Home 

Staying connected with your loved ones back home can offer immense comfort and lessen the sting of homesickness. Here’s how you can maintain these crucial connections:

  • Embrace Technology: In the digital age, staying in touch is easier than ever. Use video call platforms like Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime to chat face-to-face with your family and friends. Not only is it free, but seeing your loved ones can make you feel a lot closer to them.
  • Social Media: Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great for casual communication and keeping up with the happenings back home. Share your experiences in Australia and enjoy the updates from your friends and family.
  • Schedule Regular Calls: Plan and schedule regular voice or video calls that suit both you and your loved ones. This gives you something to look forward to and keeps you updated about each other’s lives.
  • Write Letters or Send Packages: There’s something special about receiving a physical letter or care package from home. It’s a tangible piece of your homeland that you can hold in your hands.
  • Share Your Experience: Talk about your experiences in Australia with your family and friends. Discuss your struggles, achievements, and exciting experiences. They can provide comfort, advice, and a pep talk when needed.

Remember, while it’s important to keep in touch, try not to spend excessive time on social media as it might heighten your feelings of homesickness. 

Find a Home Away from Home 

Creating a little slice of home in Australia can significantly alleviate feelings of homesickness. Here’s how you can carve out your own ‘home away from home:

Personalize Your Space: Make your new place feel like home by decorating it with pictures, mementos, or items from your homeland. Create an environment that feels familiar, warm, and inviting.

Cook Your Favorite Foods: Food is a powerful connector to home. Cook your favorite dish from home or seek out restaurants that serve your country’s cuisine. This can be a delicious way to bring a bit of home into your new environment.

Find Cultural Hubs: Look for places that remind you of your home, such as cultural hubs, international cafes, or places of worship. These locations often serve as gathering spots for international students and can help you connect with people from similar backgrounds.

Celebrate Your Culture: Attend festivals and events that celebrate different cultures. You’ll get the opportunity to honor your own culture while learning about others.

Discover Local Ethnic Areas: Australia is known for its cultural diversity. Explore areas like 

  • Chinatown, 
  • Little Italy, or 
  • the Greek Quarter, 

and specifically for Indian students, we have curated a list of the finest eateries to make you feel a little extra special 

  • Nirankar Restaurant, Melbourne, 
  • Gaylord Indian Restaurant, Melbourne, 
  • Zaaffran, Sydney, 
  • Surjit’s Indian Restaurant, Annandale, 
  • Malabar South Indian Restaurant, Sydney, 
  • Abhi’s Indian Restaurant, 
  • Flavours Of India,

where you can enjoy traditional food and interact with locals from your home country.

Join International Student Clubs: Universities often have clubs or organizations for international students. These clubs foster cultural interaction and create a sense of community, making you feel more at home in your new environment.

By making your surroundings feel familiar and nurturing connections to your home culture, you can create a comforting home away from home in Australia. It’s all about striking a balance between embracing your new life and keeping your cultural roots alive. You can do this!

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help 🆘👨‍⚕️

Homesickness can be a challenging experience, but it’s crucial to remember that you’re not alone in this journey. If the feeling of missing home starts to get overwhelming, don’t hesitate to reach out. Here’s how you can seek help:

  • Counselling Services: Most Australian universities offer counseling services where you can share your feelings and find strategies to deal with homesickness. Speaking to a professional can provide a fresh perspective and useful coping mechanisms.
  • Reach Out to Friends or Peers: Whether it’s a local friend or another international student, sharing your experience can offer relief. These individuals may be facing the same struggles and can provide advice, comfort, and a sense of camaraderie.
  • Speak to University Representatives: Universities have designated international representatives who understand the pressures faced by overseas students. They can guide you to various student support services such as counseling, social clubs, recreational activities, and mentoring programs.
  • Mentorship Programs: Some universities offer mentorship programs, pairing you with a senior student or academic. This person can provide guidance, support, and a friendly ear when you’re feeling homesick.
  • Keep Communication Open: Remember, it’s essential to express your feelings rather than keep them to yourself. Don’t make any drastic decisions like wanting to return home without discussing it with someone first.

In times of difficulty, remember the Aussie saying – “No worries, mate!” There’s plenty of support available for you, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.🆘

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As an international student in Australia, homesickness may challenge you. But remember, it’s normal and shows the deep connections you have back home. Balancing this, immerse in Australia’s vibrant culture, create a routine, and stay connected with loved ones. Don’t shy away from seeking help when needed. The key is to embrace the new while cherishing the old. So, put on your bravest smile, dive into this enriching experience, and everything will turn out fine. 🦘

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Q: How can I make my new place in Australia feel like home? 

A: Personalize your living space. Decorate with photos, mementos, or items from home. Cook your favorite dish from back home or bring familiar scents to your new place. Creating a familiar and comforting space can help reduce homesickness.

Q: Should I explore local culture while studying in Australia? 

A: Definitely! Embracing the local culture, trying Australian foods, learning local lingo, and participating in local events can make the place feel less foreign, helping to ease homesickness.

Q: How can I stay in touch with my family and friends while studying abroad? 

A: Modern technology makes staying connected easier than ever. Regular video calls, social media updates, or even old-fashioned letters can help alleviate homesickness. You’re just a click away from your loved ones!

Q: I’m feeling overwhelmed. How to deal with loneliness? 

A: Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Most Australian universities have counseling services that provide emotional support. Reach out to them, a friend, or a faculty member. Remember, you’re not alone in this journey.

Q: How long does it typically take to adjust to a new country? 

A: There isn’t a set time frame, as everyone adjusts at their own pace. It could take a few weeks to several months. It’s important to be patient with yourself and give yourself time to adapt.

Q: Are there groups or communities of international students in Australia?

 A: Yes, many universities have international student societies and communities. These groups often organize activities and events, creating a support network for students from various countries.

Q: How can I maintain a balance between connecting with home and adapting to life in Australia? 

A: It’s about finding a balance. Regular contact with family and friends back home can provide comfort, but it’s also important to make new connections, explore local culture, and create a routine in Australia to help ease the transition.



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